Ministry purpose: To bring women of all ages together for fellowship and growth, meeting our needs of Empowerment, Education, Motivation, and Inspiration for Christian Growth.  We help women grow and mature through Jesus Christ into Godly Women, Wives, and Mothers as they learn how to apply God’s Word through teachings, fellowshipping, and activities.


When we meet: Adults meet every 3rd Thursday of the month unless there are other activities taking place. Our meetings will resume the following month due to cancellations. Youth meet every 2 months depending on the fifth Sunday of the month on the previous Thursday.

Meeting time (s): The third Thursday- monthly

Meeting place: 4th Floor – NMOBC

Volunteers: Women, who enjoy ministering to other women through helping to strategize, promote and plan upcoming events, as well as assist with setting up and closing out events.

Who should join: All women ages 18 and up